Niagara University Hires New Swimming Coach after Harassment Lawsuits


According to sources, Niagara University has appointed a new swimming head coach. Eric Bugdy, after lawsuit filed against the university by a women’s team swimmer about harassment.

The incident took place recently, when a girl from the women’s swimming team reported harassment by men’s swimming team, with the knowledge of ex-head coach. She claimed that men’s team would ridicule them by rating or discussing their bodies and referring to them by inappropriate names. Two of other team members supported the girl’s claim and more girls are coming forward to record their statements regarding the matter. In this case, it is clearly shown how an initiative by a single person can create a difference and can put a halt on activities that are uninvited or unwanted.

“With the level communication inside the athletic division and the enthusiasm to the student, I used to really impress,” said Eric Bugby. He also said, “I cannot wait to direct this again there with athletic superiority and custom of education because this University got a championship pedigree this. As well to present a unique student-athlete capability, I’m agitated to develop an organized and energetic workforce.” Bugby was amazed by observing the bond which the sports division share within the institute, as they not only highlighted the issue but escalated to the extent where it can be notified by the higher authorities.

The university has started investigating the matter and asked the ex-head coach to resign, as they wanted to ensure that no similar activities are done again. Nigro (ex-head coach) was coaching the Niagara University’s both men’s and women’s teams with the assistance of a male diving coach, Josh Larcom. 

The matter got a lot of light and came into people’s knowledge – a lot have condemned the incident and are waiting for the court’s decision. 

In September, the court case filed in U.S. District Courtroom, in Buffalo, between many accusations, “female swimmers and their partners have been graded so as of physical appearance by the male swimmers, mocked for his or her weight and known as discourteous styles signifying female private organs, stated by the female swimmers. 

As a result of the women’s personnel is controlled unfairly by way of coaching and stuff, the lawsuit furthermore proclaimed NCAA guidelines, and the college violates federal regulation. 

The college well-defined in press release in reply to the court case, “the good fortune of every member of our campus community is the leading primacy of Niagara University.” The college also said, “any matter that is carried forward that may endanger our values, we will go on with reasonable care to look at those issues. Based on the allegation, “the university will involve sovereign investigators where it is suitable and essential.” And In the end, they stated,

“we do not want to state anything on ongoing matters, out of admiration for every person intricate, and to guarantee the uprightness of the procedure.”  

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