The Newark sue NYC Mayor for relocating the homeless to New Jersey

The New York City and Bill de Blasio, the mayor, will be sued by the officials in Newark as they try to shut down a program that relocates homeless families to New Jersey from Big Apple. The New York City for transporting their most susceptible citizens through the Hudson River – and then abandoning them in nasty and brutal conditions, are accused in New Jersey federal court on Monday. 

The Newark is worried about the situations of the thousands or more SOTA recipients, a group classified with ongoing needs for social resources and services. The officials are looking at the complaints and anticipating to provide them distinct one-time support program to send the New York City homeless families across the country and giving them rent of one year. Newark has become conscious of families, as well as those with newborns that are living in horrible situations.  

The issues that homeless peoples are facing include lack of heat, too much vermin, electricity, and other hazardous living situations.  

When the temperature drops these families have to use unsafe space heaters to keep themselves warm. And sometimes the situation goes that bad when the temperature dropped so low that water freezes and pipes will break. 

Facing all these perilous situations, some homeless families are trying to reach out for some concentration from New York City, but they back off and told them to return to Newark.

Instead of building shelters for them, New York City is aiding in marginalizing the homeless families.  

By contacting the defendants, some of the SOTA recipients struggled to discourse their painful living situations. 

Though defendants are the residents of Newark, they cannot or will not support the homeless families. And the families are also told that it is apparently not the concerns of defendants. 

The homeless families contacted the Newark for the aid because they have no place left to go, and they are unable to maintain the landlords liable.   

The New York City of profane regional commerce rules accused by the Department of Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks and mayor Bill de Blasio, they said, they are forcing homeless families to sign the lease of illegal apartments, and when the officials asked them that where the program is functioning they don’t have any answer for that. 

Hizzoner said he’s spoken to Ras Baraka, the mayor of Newark, about the program. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio said in his statement, “I believe, and I thought we were trying to work concerning common-sense solutions, and I still want to work toward common solutions. That is my attitude.” 

“We cannot help you because you are a Newark resident now,” one of New York City officials told Ranisha Howard when she criticized her housing location.

Newark is looking for a temporary warning order in contradiction of the de Blasio administration to stop it from applying the program in Newark. 

The objection also asks for a list of all families moved to Newark and totals paid to landlords upfront. They have also requested a monetary fund to aid families who want to reside in Newark.

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