NY Court Blasted After Lawyer’s Detention: Roger Waters Pipes Up

roger waters

Oil companies continue to spill billions of gallons of oil, infecting water supply, spiking disease rates, and damaging the environment. In this post, we will tell you how a Famous singer is supporting a well-known lawyer, who is struggling to get justice for the people of Ecuador, in his fight against the giant oil company.  

Roger Waters, the co-founder of Pink Floyd, has blasted a New York court for prolonging the house arrest of Steven Donziger, a human rights lawyer. In contradiction of oil firm Chevron, Donziger had won a landmark court case but is blamed for deception and corruption.

Steven Donziger takes legal action on oil hulk, Chevron, for assumed pollution of homegrown land in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, and in his efforts, Roger Waters has long backed the lawyer. An Ecuadorian judge slapped oil hulk Chevron with a $9.5 billion penalty in 2011 but has since they blamed Donziger of using bribery, deception, and blackmail to influence the Ecuadorian ruling.

The Pink Floyd, Waters indicted Loretta Preska, the judge, of being “in the pocket of Chevron,” after a Manhattan court protracted house arrest of Donziger. Judge Preska thought Donziger a flight risk and prolonged his house arrest, despite the fact his passport had already been seized by the government. 

“What a dark, dark day for American jurisprudence.” Roger Waters questioned. “He has a wife and kid. Donziger lived in Manhattan for 25 years. Where is he going to fly to?” Steven Donziger, a college fellow student of Barack Obama, his occupation has taken some turns on its way earliest to global prominence, and then to house arrest and banishment.

In a 1993 court case in contradiction of Texaco, which had drilled for oil in the oil field of country “Lago Agrio,” Donziger become and activists after some 30,000 native Ecuadorians, and made a name for himself. 

Chevron, after some time, purchased the Texaco and offered control of the oil field over to the government of Ecuadorian. The residents claim that into the rainforest, this company spilled billions of gallons of oil discarded nearby Lago Agrio, infecting their water supply, spiking disease rates, and extinguishing the environment. 

Donziger brought the Chevron cast to Ecuador when it was dumped out from the US court. Personalities like Roger Waters and Danny Glover, along with Cher and Sting, provide full-back to him. The Judge of Ecuadorian ruled in contradiction of Chevron, and order in damages, the oil hulk will pay $18 billion, later bargain to half, $9.5 billion, and Donziger won. Any elation was little survived, though Chevron purported that Donziger corrupted judges and ghost wrote the ruling against it, and counter indicted the liberal lawyer, mentioning anti-racketeering law more usually used to indict lawless officialdoms.

In 2014, Lewis Kaplan, the US District Judge, decided and calling the conduct of Donziger “criminal,” but the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York failed to accuse.

Regardless, in July, Kaplan, the US District Judge hired a secretive council to direct the case counter to Donziger and ordered Donziger that will pay the fees of lawyer of the Chevron and enlisted condescension charges against the lawyer, who has been under arrest. The condescension charges include rejection to give his communication records and laptop to Chevron, and to help the firm in taking cash from Steven Donziger.

Chevron does not disagree with the actuality of the oil dumps and waste pools as an alternative arguing that it devoted the $40 million to clear-out its share of the contamination was sufficient.

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