Setting up Universities for Entrapment: A Case against Migrants

ice student trap

Always ensure the authenticity of the university in which you are enrolling. In this post, we will tell you how U.S. immigration formed fake universities and making money by trapping the students, and after taking massive amounts from the student they deport them. 

Since ten months ago, the federal court official papers exposed that the U.S. immigration officials formed a fake university to trap foreign-born students who were trying to stay in the state on student visas that might not have been authorized. A new statement has exposed that they took vast amounts of their money before arresting and expelling them for immigration desecrations.

The Detroit Free Press reported, almost 90 students registered in a fake university grounded in Michigan, are deported by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in recent months. Nearly 250 people, belonging, for the most part, to India, have been arrested as part of the sting operation invented by federal agents. 

On their student visas, those students who are scammers rightfully had arrived in the U.S, and however, when their visas were about to expire, they wanted to extend them by registering at the ‘University of Farmington’ which was later exposed as fake university.  

The ‘university’ was essentially merged in January 2016, when Barack Obama was the president and the university has been operated with secret agents, they as if they are college officials while the report has incited scandal, with many quick to accept that the fake job was a scheme raised by the Trump administration. 

ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations articulated the Detroit Free Press, “approximately 200 students of the arrested 250 students were decided “voluntary departure” from the state.” And also said, “either from an Immigration Judge or US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), another 25 students have received deportation warnings, while the leftover 25 students have filed for release or are challenging their deportation warnings with the Executive Office for Immigration Review.” One student not just get the authorization to reside in the U.S, but permanent occupant eminence.

The lawyers of the students are on behalf of the students, say that by the U.S. government, they were trapped” and “preyed upon.”  Mentioning that ‘Farmington’ was an authentic university precisely stated on the website of the Department of Homeland Security. Adding a more stratum of trustworthiness to the scheme, an authorization agency in on the con also listed fake university as genuine.

Detroit Free Press has seen the e-mail that shows that “The students were splitting over a $12,000 usually in yearly fees to go to the fake university. 

On the other hand, the lawyers on the behalf of the US Department of Justice and Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) are in conflict that it was a fake university every student should know that, as this university did not provide any classes in a physical place and that their intention was to take advantage of the system rather than be given an education. However, even those students who understood that no physical place classes were provided and moved out of the fake university quietly ended up in custody for the scam of immigration.

The U.S government did not, for the first time, has defrauded international students into appearing in a fake university. Numerous foreign students also appealed that they were sufferers of a government con game after registering in the imaginary ‘University of Northern New Jersey,’ which was formed to con recruiter maintaining their legal status falsely the government apparent were attempting to support students. 

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